This Thursday, Marvel fans will be flocking to cinemas for the release of ¡®The Avengers: Age of Ultron¡¯. Amongst the cast members to return for the Avengers sequel will be Scarlett Johansson, whose role as the Black Widow will mark the fourth movie she has played the character.

During a press day for the new Avengers film, Johansson spoke to Collider about the possibility of a solo Black Widow Film.

¡°Interesting things happen when you have a character that¡¯s pulled in many directions and in my mind, there¡¯s room for plenty more Black Widow and certainly more ¨C I think I could see her in a standalone film.¡±

The actress first starred as Natasha Romanoff (aka Black Widow) in 2010 with Iron Man 2, and although Marvel wasn¡¯t sure how audiences would respond to her character, she returned again for The Avengers in 2012, in 2014 for the Captain America sequel The Winter Soldier and will also star in Captain America: Civil War, to be released next year.

Though Johansson has expressed her interest in a standalone movie, Marvel President Kevin Feige and Johansson remain in the discussion phases with no definite plans.

¡°I¡¯ve spoken to Kevin about it. I mean, of course, of course we¡¯ve had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film.¡±

Johannson confirmed that both her and Feige shared a similar vision for the character, and whether or not a solo film happens, she said she¡¯s happy to keep doing Marvel films for a while longer.

¡°My contract is kind of mutating¡­ I mean I¡¯m always happy to put the cat suit back on, for sure¡±.