Online streaming service Netflix has announced that ¡®House of Cards¡¯ will return for a fourth season. With all 13 episodes of the third season being released in February, it was announced this week that the political drama would be renewed for another season to air in 2016.

Kevin Spacey, who stars as the homicidal US President Francis Underwood, will return with co-star Robin Wright, who plays the wife and first lady to the Whitehouse. The season renewal is no surprise with both actors receiving Golden Globes for their performances on the show. The show itself has had several Golden Globes nominations and won four primetime Emmys, which is the first time an online-only television drama has achieved this much acclaim.

Filming of new episodes will begin this summer and although the exact date is unknown, the release of the series next year will coincide with the real-life Presidential campaign. Current US President Barack Obama has admitted he is a fan of the series, imitating Underwood in a video released for April Fool¡¯s Day.

The American series is based on the British drama with the same name, which started in 1990 and starred Ian Richardson as the conniving Francis Urquhart. This original series was written by Michael Dobbs, who was experienced in politics as the advisor to the Conservative Party under Margaret Thatcher and John Major¡¯s leadership for 16 years. The BBC1 series ran for just three series, which means the American version will have surpassed the original in length.