The long awaited return of Art vs. Science is finally here, with the premier of their new track ¡®In This Together¡¯ released on Triple J on Monday. The Sydney trio spoke on the radio program, also exciting fans with the news that they will be announcing tour dates next week.

¡®In This Together¡¯ will be the first single off the new album that is yet to be given a title by the band. The single will mark the first song released since last year¡¯s EP Create/Destroy, while the upcoming album will be their first long-player release since their debut album The Experiment in 2011.

The band told Triple J that they had considered releasing an EP for the new track, but had so many songs in progress they decided to make a full-length album. They described ¡®In This Together¡¯ as ¡°harder in tone¡± and ¡°louder in concept¡±, suggesting a different style may be in store for their new album.

While no official dates have been announced, the album is likely to be released later this year, while the release of tour dates for a national tour are just around the corner.