English actor and comedian Russell Brand will be returning to the big screen, starring alongside Nicolas Cage in the comedy film Army of One. The film is to be directed by Larry Heath, best known for his work in directing the comedy film Borat and writing for the famous sitcom Seinfeld.

Based on a true story, the film centres around Colorado handyman Guy Faulkner who travels to Pakistan after having a vision of killing Osama bin Laden. The real life Faulkner made news headlines in 2010 after he was arrested in Pakistan, armed with a sword, dagger and pistol and claiming to be on a God-given mission to kill Bin Laden. An article and profile was written about Faulkner in GQ in 2010, which the script of the movie was loosely based on.

Starring alongside Brand and Cage will be The Office star Rainn Wilson, American Horror Story¡¯s Denis O¡¯Hare, The League¡¯s Paul Scheer and star of Wet Hot American Summer, Ken Marino.

The film will be Brand¡¯s first film since Paradise in 2013, while for Cage it will be his first comedy role since 2005. While Cage has been cast as Faulkner, Brand¡¯s role in the comedy is yet to be announced.