After a week-long absence of the judge with the most glam hair, Keith¡¯s finally back behind the panel¡¯s desk after being covered by contestant-turned-guest judge, Adam Lambert, and he along with J-Lo and Harry are headed to Minneapolis hoping to find the next American Idol. Unfortunately, they don¡¯t strike gold straight away (although there is a gold microphone involved).

Meet Kemil Casey. He carries a gold mic because it makes auditioning more realistic, he says¡­more than actually singing, I guess? He attempts a cover of Michael Jackson¡¯s Human Nature and more than anything else, proved that some songs aren¡¯t meant to be covered. It¡¯s a no from the judges, but Jennifer reckons he¡¯d make a brilliant manager.

With better luck was Keith Urban super fan, Vanessa Andrea. After gushing over Keith, then crying about how much she loves her husband, to laughing about how she had to sling her guitar to herself like a baby because she forgot her strap, we think we¡¯re in for a hot mess, but her rendition of ¡®Some Kind of Wonderful¡¯ is actually really good (and her wacky personality a little endearing). She¡¯s headed to Hollywood, the judges announce to her husband over the phone and we¡¯re on to the next contestant.

First rule of Idol, apparently, is not to flat out impersonate singers (but don¡¯t be too weird¡­strange hypocrisy). Zach Johnson learns this quick after the judges are not impressed with his note-for-note cover of a Garth Brooks song. He tries a song without his affected Texas accent, and he gets his golden ticket, and, as the montage shows, a shot at singing with Keith at a concert a couple of weeks later.

Our next contestant is the very peppy, very blonde, All American Cindy Jo. She is, quite frankly, terrifying. In her introduction roll, she tells the off-camera interviewer about herself, she loves her husband, she likes to go fishing, go out to the woods, she shot a bear last week¡­the usual. The judges are equally as horrified by the tiny killer, but are impressed with her voice and send her through. The best part of this segment? The next contestant walks in wearing a bear costume. TV heaven.

More golden tickets are handed out, to, honestly, forgettable contestants with mediocre voices. Let¡¯s not worry about them; they¡¯ll probably be gone by Hollywood week. One of is a real contender though, is our last audition of the night ¨C Mark Andrew. Hitting the reality TV trifecta, he¡¯s got a newborn baby, and has to either make it as a singer, or get a real job, and ¨C gasp ¨C he¡¯s at the age limit. This is his shot, dammit! He tries out a song by the Allman Brothers, but the judges aren¡¯t sold. Keith asks for another, and in a spot of Disney magic, offers them ¡®I Wanna Be Like You¡¯ from the Jungle Book. Everyone loves it, and he¡¯s through to Hollywood!

Next episode, we¡¯re going to Harry¡¯s hometown, New Orleans ¨C they¡¯re excited, Harry¡¯s excited, Jennifer looks a little weary of his jokes ¨C should be a good time!