Melbourne has born many of Australian music¡¯s biggest names; Kylie Minogue, Vance Joy, and 360 to name a few, but a singer-songwriter from Northcote is taking the world by storm. Courtney Barnett is being heralded by music bibles NME and Rolling Stone as the next big thing, and all before her album is released.

Penning songs about Melbourne life, her upcoming album, Sometimes I Sit and Think¡­ Sometimes I Just Sit is hotly anticipated, with slightly magnified stories from her everyday life making up the content of the record.

¡°I pick up on small parts of my everyday life and magnify them a bit. It¡¯s what I do. But it¡¯s not like it rolls out of me like some seem to imply¡­ I spend a lot of time trying to say something mundane in a poetic way. There¡¯s not really an intention to make it seem so casual. It¡¯s not a secret plan to be super chill. I guess it¡¯s the way it happens¡±, she¡¯s said of her songwriting process.

Fresh from touring on the Laneway Festival circuit, Courtney¡¯s record Sometimes I Sit and Think¡­ Sometimes I Just Sit is released on the 23rd of March 2015.