Indie-pop darling, Lana Del Rey has let slip that she¡¯s already recording new music for her next album, teasing details and announcing track names in a recent interview with the LA Times.

While discussing the music she has contributed to the new Tim Burton film, Big Eyes, she was asked whether writing for film is different than recording for herself and her answer gave the first glimpse into her upcoming third record.

Explaining she doesn¡¯t differentiate, she said ¡°I can see it and I can hear it. I¡¯m working on a new record now, and I have this one song, ¡®Music to Watch Boys To¡®. The title lends itself to a visual of shadows of men passing by, this girl¡¯s eyes, her face. I can definitely see things¡±.

Lana¡¯s latest release Ultraviolence was released June 2014, and while she announced she has been working on it¡¯s follow up in the same year, there is no release date set as yet. In the meantime, there¡¯s two new tracks from the Coney Island queen on the Big Eyes soundtrack, and a US tour with Courtney Love later this year.