Like he said in ¡®Diamonds From Sierra Leone¡¯, he¡¯s ¡°not a businessman, he¡¯s a business, man¡±. Jay-Z is set to expand his empire with an offer to buy Swedish music streaming company Aspiro for an estimated $US56 million.

If the bid is successful, Jay will add in Aspiro with the Roc Nation record label and sports management company, 40/40 Club chain, and Rocafella fragrances as his extracurricular business activities.

The streaming service is not the first of its kind to be available, with Spotify ruling the market and Dr Dre developing Beats Music with Apple, but would expand Jay¡¯s business interests into Europe and, with its ¡®lossless playback¡¯, mean that Jay¡¯s international fans get to hear his and others music the way the artists want it to be heard.

Aspiro boasts around a half million subscribers across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland, with over 25 million songs available to subscribers.