Marianas Trench may be named after the deepest part of the world¡¯s oceans, but the pop-rockers have been rising to new heights in recent years. Known for their cheerfully infectious tunes, the band toured Australia for the first time back in 2012 ¨C with guitarist Matt Webb telling us that he has ¡°a real soft spot for everybody in Australia¡± after their warm reception.

¡°I had a really nice time when we were in Australia, just because we had never played there. To go into a venue and see it packed full of people singing along to our songs, the first time you go there ¨C it¡¯s shocking,¡± he said.

Still, the band¡¯s infatuation with Australia extends far beyond their existence as a band. Vocalist Josh Ramsay first encountered rock music when legends like AC/DC would record at his father¡¯s studio. Even more astounding, the band recently had another unusual encounter with the Australian legends.

¡°When we were mixing part of our new record, AC/DC was actually recording at a studio right above us¡­ I got to sit in a little hallway and listen to Angus Young shredding on the guitar above me. They¡¯re such an inspiration. I¡¯m the biggest AC/DC fan, and anybody in our band ¨C if you don¡¯t like AC/DC, you can get the hell out,¡± Webb said jokingly.

While Webb further named Silverchair and INXS as other local favourites, their upcoming ¡®That¡¯s Not A Knife¡¯ tour is a nod to another Australian legend ¨C Crocodile Dundee. The Simpsons also parodied the iconic movie scene in an episode, with Webb telling us that the tour name is ¡°a reference to both of those things.¡±

¡°We thought it was the funniest thing ever, we were all in tears laughing about it. And any Australian person I talked to was like ¡®You guys are a bunch of idiots.¡¯ If you know our band, you know we don¡¯t take ourselves too seriously¡­ We thought it would be pretty funny, and hopefully crack a few smiles,¡± he said.

The same sense of humour shone through when Marianas Trench released ¡®Pop 101¡¯ earlier this year. The single is a satirical comment on mainstream music, and these guys are qualified to comment on the issue ¨C Ramsay wrote Carly Rae Jepsen¡¯s smash hit ¡®Call Me Maybe¡¯. According to Webb, a good pop song has ¡°got to be catchy; you got to be able to sing along to it. I don¡¯t like stuff that¡¯s too fabricated. Pop¡¯s pretty slick-sounding stuff, but I like hearing individual performances and actual real instruments.¡±

This is the sound that Marianas Trench are chasing on their forthcoming album, one which Webb hopes to be ¡°out before the end of the year.¡± Still, Australian fans will be able to preview the record in all its live glory. ¡°We got some great songs coming, we¡¯ll be playing a bunch of new stuff in Australia. You guys are going to be the first people to hear it live, so we¡¯re pretty stoked about unleashing some of that stuff,¡± he said.

Clearly, the upcoming shows will be a special treat for Australian fans, and Marianas Trench have managed to capture an extremely dedicated legion of supporters. Fans created and recently celebrated #MarianasTrenchDay ¨C an annual event on October 3, heralding the anniversary of the band¡¯s debut album, Fix Me. Webb is still overwhelmed with the response. ¡°It¡¯s been eight years since that record came out¡­ There are people who have been there since the very beginning for us, and how lucky are we to have the kind of support that we do, it¡¯s shocking. We¡¯re very lucky,¡± he said.

With Webb insisting that he ¡°can¡¯t tell you how excited we all are to get down there,¡± it¡¯s clear that the upcoming Australian tour will be a dazzling spectacle of old and new material from Marianas Trench. And while Webb has confessed his love of eating pumpkin pie for breakfast on Twitter, he¡¯s still on the fence about vegemite on toast ¨C but he¡¯s keeping an open mind:

¡°I did have it the first time I was there and I had mixed feelings about it. But I will try it again and I will eat it for breakfast when I¡¯m there. Absolutely.¡±

You can catch Marianas Trench performing live at the shows mentioned below.

Marianas Trench Australian Tour 2014:

Saturday, November 1
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)

Sunday, November 2
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne (All Ages)

Tuesday, November 4
The Zoo, Brisbane (18+)

Wednesday, November 5
The Metro Theatre, Sydney (All Ages)

Thursday, November 6
Astor Theatre, Perth (All Ages)