We had the pleasure of catching up with the gifted singer-songer writer from Melbourne, Lauren Glezer, whilst on her debut East Coast tour. Check out what she had to say¡­

You were inspired by your travels to India to then come back and write ¡°Searching For Tall¡±. What was it exactly about India that you love or were inspired by?
I love the colour. I love the smells. I love the taste. I love the love. And the hate. India is everything. You can see both the greatest highs and lows there. I caught some kind of tummy bug while I was there and I thought I was dying. It was this crucial moment that made me realise I have so many songs inside me that I need to share with the world. So I came home and started writing and recording.

Which track from the EP is your favourite and why?
Hhmm¡­ It would have to be Not The One.
It is so simple, stripped back and probably the quickest portal to my heart.

Who are some of your musical inspirations both past and present?
Joni Mitchell for the words, Bob Dylan for the song writing, Bon Iver for the raw emotion and Ingrid Michaelson for the mix of pop cutsie emotes.

What do you aim to convey in your live shows?
Authenticity. The reason I write music is to share. Share emotion, inspiration, sadness and joy. I hope my live shows convey an array of human emotions and that I empower people to be as they and feel everything they need to.

If you could go on tour or support any artist in the world, who would it be?
Bon Iver. I want to learn to move people in that way. I just want to be in the presence of such greatness.

How has the tour been going?
Great! Every show is a new experience, a new opportunity to express AND embarrass myself. Every time I play, I am able to reach more and more people which is truly an incredible experience.

The clip for This Living is both poignant and beautiful. Can you tell us a bit about working with Director Edwin Tejoz and how you came up with the concept?
Thank you! I love the clip. I love Edwin. He filmed a gig I played a while ago and ever since we have been in touch. He is now a dear friend of mine and I couldn¡¯t think of a person I would rather make art with. The concept is contrasting the the daily grind of the corporate world with a small child, running free and spreading colour wherever she goes. I had always envisaged the film clip centering around the corporate world, but Edwin suggested we bring the little girl into it. We both feel that this little girl resides within each one of us. It is our duty to stay true to her. If we¡¯re not, she¡¯ll be sure to let us know.

Who have you been listening to as of late?
I haven¡¯t had much time to listen to music because I¡¯ve been organizing my launch and tour¡­ But when I have had the chance I¡¯ve been listening to some Hebrew music actually as well as some local artist. I just went to see Ben Abaraham, Al Parkinson and Waffia play last night. They are some of my favourite local acts. If you haven¡¯t heard them you should definitely check them out!

What will happen after the tour is completed? Is there a possibility of doing more traveling?
I really hope so!!! After the tour is complete, it will be back to the writing board. I feel many songs coming on. I also hope to take this EP and travel far an wide. If anyone wants me to play a gig in their home town. Just offer me our couch and a cup of tea and I¡¯m there!

Where can we buy you latest work?
Itunes baby. You can find me in all the obvious online places. Please feel free to join my following on Facebook. I post many fun things and lots of music too!