Former Northlane vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes has taken to Facebook to release an official statement regarding his departure from the Western Sydney metalcore outfit. He went on to says that, although he understands that the news comes as a shock to fans of the band, he had to put his health, both physical and mental, first.

¡°Long story short, for the majority of my career in Northlane I had been experiencing severe vocal issues¡± writes the former frontman. ¡°My voice had fully blown out more times than I could count and overtime has reduced my vocal endurance to the point where any screaming at all takes a toll on my voice.¡±

Fitipaldes explains that Northlane¡¯s busy touring schedule, which saw the band play 63 dates across the US and Europe in the last year alone, grew to become a ¡°real source of stress¡± for him, and eventually took its toll on his emotional state.

¡°Sadly it got to a point where I wasn¡¯t able to enjoy the dream we had worked so hard to realise,¡± he says.
However, Fitipaldes goes on to reflect on his time in Northlane, expressing his gratitude, and assuring fans that he will continue to keep active creatively in the form of his poetry and photography. He even hints that the possibility of new music in the future.

Clearly leaving on amicable terms with his band mates, he confirms that Northlane will continue as a band without him. ¡°I have no doubt they will continue to achieve even greater feats of creativity and songwriting.¡± He adds: ¡°I wish my brothers all the best in their future endeavors. This isn¡¯t the end but rather a new beginning for everyone.¡±

The remaining members of Northlane have backed Fitipaldes¡¯ decision to hang up his mic; releasing a follow-up statement on their official Facebook, thanking fans for their support during this trying time.

Wasting no time, the band is currently on the hunt for a new vocalist, reaching out to their 218,000 Facebook fans for submissions. They also listed guidelines for hopefuls looking to submit a demo.