We recently caught up with Lili Kendall, the stunning 17-year-old from Brisbane, who was crowned the winner of internationally renowned song competition ¡°Unsigned Only¡±. Check out what she had to say¡­

What inspired you to write your new single ¡°Run¡±?
I am still graduating high school, sometimes I lose focus on that, when I have such a busy and fun career. The inspiration for the song came from a time where school was taking up a lot of my time and I was really bored and just wanted to make music and travel!

Your video clip for the new single ¡°Run¡± has just made its debut. Can you tell us a little about it?
The video for Run was shot on a roof top in Melbourne on the coldest day in 10 years.. It has 5 different dancers in the clip and I control the way they move, it¡¯s really fun and quirky!

Was it more fun or nerve racking?
I don¡¯t find filming too nerve racking anymore, I try and enjoy it. It was a little different having 5 dancers watch me sing and act though, so I was a little nervous at the beginning of the day.

Who was the video directed by? Did you have any input over the concept?
The video was directed by Donna Yeatman, when I hire someone to make a video for me I generally like to let them write and have most the input into the idea of the clip, but I am always on the side helping and tweaking anything I can!

Your previous single Moonlight received a lot of success, being spun on Fox, B105, 2day FM and other major stations. What was that like for you?
It¡¯s really crazy but also so rewarding having my music played on national radio. I love it when people will message me telling me they are listening to me on the radio! Having support from my home town and country is the most important thing to me.

You attended Canadian Music week this year, which is a massive event including showcases and conference talks. What did you do/see over there?
I played two shows at Canadian Music Week and it was one of the funnest weeks of my life! Me and my band went and saw other Aussie artists playing at the festival and of-course explored Toronto a little and went and saw a Blue Jays vs. Phillies baseball game.

You are still currently in high school but are writing, traveling and performing at gigs. Do you find it hard to juggle not only school but time with friends and family?
I do find it really hard and sometimes my social life suffers. I go to an alternative music school in Brisbane with 70 students (music industry college) and the teachers are so supportive of my career and help me in anyway possible, I don¡¯t think I would be able to graduate if it weren¡¯t for them. I always try and find time for friends and family but it is hard when I am always traveling! I graduate in November and will be doing music full time, so I¡¯m very excited about that!

Congratulations on coming 1st in the teen category in the Unsigned Only competition in America. You were the only Australian to win and at 17, which is quite an achievement. Can you tell us a bit about the competition and what you won?
Thank you! I got a cash prize (woohoo) but I think that the coolest thing was a 5 week scholarship to Berklee Music College in Boston for summer next year, I am really hoping everything works out so I can go and enjoy that amazing opportunity!

What advice would you give to someone who is your age, not just wanting to make a career as an artist but just about following their dreams and working hard?
To be an artist you have to accept the fact that there will be a lot of people that will judge your work and a lot of it will not be nice, you have to look past that and keep on going. When I first started I wasn¡¯t the best musician, and people would try and bring me down about it but I kept working hard, I got better and I achieved a lot of amazing things. You have to know that you are strong, you have to work hard and you have to be passionate about it!