We caught up with Melbourne¡®s masked DJ duo Slice N Dice whilst on the Good Life Festival club tour. Check out what they had to say!

How would you describe your music?
Loud, Energetic, and Colourful

What is your creative process?
We almost always start off with a breakdown unless we have an idea for a drop already, it helps us shape the overall mood and theme of the track, we take inspiration from a few international producers we¡¯re really big fans of and of course we vibe off what our buddies are writing too.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?
Hardwell, Deorro or Showtek

What can fans expect from a Slice N Dice live set?
Anything from in your face electro and bounce, trap, sneaky Hip hop Edits, cO2 cannons, stage dives and plenty of shenanigans.

What can fans expect from Slice N Dice in the next 12 months?
We¡¯re working on something top secret at the moment, along with a few collabs with some of our local mates so stay tuned for more info on those. We¡¯re also playing the Good Life Tour; then America again for NYE and maybe a couple of other shows up there before we head back home. Aside from that plenty of more music and some awesome collaborations

What inspired you to incorporate masks as part of your identity/persona?
Initially it started off as a joke, something novel and different, but it ended up growing faster than we ever thought it would!

You guys have toured America quiet extensively, how does the electronic music scene differ in comparison to Australia?
The scenes are very different, the states have the whole PLUR & Kandi thing going on which is really cool, they genuinely have a big love for the artists and music. The Australian scene is a little bit more reserved but still loves to party, thats what we¡¯d say is the biggest difference¡­ It¡¯s the same love of music but expressed differently.

What advice do you have for young DJ¡¯s, who are wanting to follow your footsteps in the music industry? (In particular, stepping up from the bedroom level to the nightclub level.)
Hone your craft, learn everything you can and listen to as much music you identify with as you can. The other biggest part is to do as many tracks as you can, at the start they will be horrible, it was the same for us¡­ thats just part of the learning curve. Eventually you get to a point where you¡¯re happy and comfortable to show and play your own music and that¡¯s where the marketing and networking phase begins, which is another whole story in itself. Moral of the story, work hard!