Justin Bieber¡¯s allegations that he might quit the bizz might be some of the best news in the music world, but it doesn¡¯t come out of the blue like many though it did.

The decision looks to have followed reports that singer¡¯s new album and tickets to his concerts have plummeted, and he has lost his allure to potential fans.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Justin Bieber¡¯s newest release, Journals, opened in the Australian music charts at number 35, with only 4067 units sold nationally, following its digital release.

Journals was overtaken by Michael Buble¡®s Christmas album, as well as Diva goddess, Katy Perry and Beyonce, whose surprise digitally-released self-titled album, smashed through the sales barrier and has dominated the charts.

Not one of the ten singles on the album broke into the Australian top 20, with only one breaking into number 30 and hardly any made the top 50. Justin Bieber¡¯s allure is also a failure in the box office with his Believe concert film a flop in the cinemas.

The film tanked in the US, only generating $4.5 million, compared to the $29.5 million from Bieber¡¯s first documentary/concert film Never Say Never in 2011.

If recent trends are accurate, it will come to no surprise that Justin Bieber might be quitting the business, just before he was pushed.