Metalcore band, Buried In Verona has announced that their anticipated fourth album ¡®Faceless¡¯ will be hitting the digital shelves on the 7th of March.

The group who has endured a horror run of criticism, which includes other bands attacking their own fans, has said that it will stick to their music principals and back their fans.

Even rival fans trolled a Facebook event for one of their tours, debating on whether or not the group deserved to have a tour, with almost 5000 comments flooding the page.

But Vocalist Brett Anderson said that it really annoys the band when their own fans are criticised, and that the album is directed to those ¡°distractors¡±. ¡°When people say that our fans are fucked or that they are lame, that¡¯s when it really gets to us,¡± said Anderson.

¡°This record is as much a ¡®fuck you¡¯ to our detractors, as it is a message to people to keep being themselves no matter what.¡±

The band have continued with their own brand of metal rock, with the release of ¡®Splintered¡¯, the first single of ¡®Faceless¡¯, showcasing that they are sticking to their guns.

¡°I guess it¡¯s a heavy indication of the album,¡± said band member Richie Newman. ¡°We were gonna put a catchier one out first but we thought ¡®Fuck it, just go heavy¡¯.¡±

The band will release it¡¯s second music video for the album, ¡®Illuminate¡¯ in the following week, with the video linking it in to the story depicted in ¡®Splintered¡¯, where the band had to fight off a group of ¡®faceless¡¯ fans.

Along with the release date of the album, below is a full track listing of what to expect.
1. The Breach
2. Eclipse
3. Splintered
4. Illuminate
5. Graves
6. Set Me On Fire
7. The Damned
8. Catatonic
9. Antidote
10. Revival
11. Deception
12. Blind Eyes
13. The Faceless