If it wasn¡¯t for the band¡¯s overwhelming success, Bastille would have finished its second album, according to front-man Dan Smith.

The band¡¯s success, since debuting with its first album ¡®Bad Blood¡¯ and its mega-hit, ¡®Pompeii¡¯ in March 2013, has seen the group touring across the globe, leaving little time to complete its next album.

¡°If we weren¡¯t touring so much we¡¯d probably have finished the album by now,¡± said Smith, speaking to Gigwise.

¡°I¡¯ve never wanted our music to be one thing. I guess we make things when we feel like it.¡±

Smith was unable to confirm a date for a finished second album, but he mention that the songs will be very different from Bad Blood.

¡°There will be some songs that¡¯ll be quite guitar heavy and dark, and at the moment I¡¯ve been listening to a hell of a lot of R&B, so there might be some songs leaning that way,¡±

¡°But it¡¯s one of those things where what I think sounds like a dark rock song or an R&B track might to someone else just sound like a Bastille song.¡±

The success of Bad Blood and in particularly Pompeii has made Smith admit that it was the last thing the group was aiming for when it created the album.

¡°It¡¯s the last thing we¡¯d really aimed for or expected so it¡¯s kind of surreal. We¡¯ve been really busy on tour and I kind of haven¡¯t really had to think about it much. I don¡¯t think any of us really know what to think about it really; it¡¯s just the last thing I ever expected to happen.¡±

Smith did admit that the success of the band¡¯s album will see more new bands enjoying the rewards for the efforts.

¡°It¡¯s just nice that a band has an opportunity to get a Number One album with the climate as it is at the moment. It¡¯s obviously changing,¡±

¡°I guess it¡¯s just nice to see people buying into bands and I just think we¡¯re really proud of the fact that we made the album ourselves in a tiny studio with pretty much no money, in a little windowless basement in south London with very little help or involvement from anyone else.

¡°We receive quite a lot of messages as well, you know, like, ¡®I¡¯ve never actually gone out and bought an album before and this is the first album I¡¯ve actually wanted to buy in years,¡¯ which is really flattering for us.¡±