Australian rapper 360 and former Silverchair front-man Daniel Johns have spilled the beans on their long-promised collaboration, Impossible. The single will be released on Friday the 17th January and will feature in 360¡äs upcoming third LP, Utopia.

Impossible is not the only single that Johns has collaborated with 360 on Utopia, with another single rumoured to be on the album. Utopia also features contributions from The Living End front-man Chris Cheney, as well new tracks from producers Lifted and Styalz Fuego.

Johns explained that a track was never really on the cards, but the duo liked what they were producing so decided to team up.

¡°This began as a songwriting experiment for [360¡¯s] record,¡± says Johns.
¡°Neither of us ever expected I¡¯d end up singing on the song too but we both really liked the demo so eventually we thought ¨C ¡®why not¡¯? Hip hop is obviously more Matt¡¯s world than mine but we had a lot more in common than one would expect so it was a really interesting collaboration.¡±

360 said that the track was made when the rapper was at the peak of his hardcore partying days, so he decided to express his feelings about it.
¡°When we made [Impossible] I was at the peak of my loose partying days,¡± says 360.

¡°I rocked up to the studio and I hadn¡¯t slept for three days. I was disgusting and gross. I slept in the studio for a few hours and then we made the song. I was an absolute mess. So I decided to write about that.¡±

In regards to the new released trailer ¨C which marks Johns¡¯ first appearance in video since Silverchair¡¯s last music video ¨C 360 said that teaming up with filmmaker Patrick Fileti changed the outcome of the music video to make it darker and more intricate.

¡°Coming back after three years, I know Impossible is not the most poppy song,¡± says 360.

¡°I know it¡¯s quite confronting. It¡¯s really glitchy and dirty. I didn¡¯t want to do a typical dubstep song, I wanted something nasty.¡±