It was only a fortnight ago that we announced Australian rapper 360 and former Silverchair front man Daniel Johns would be teaming up for the rapper¡¯s latest single, ¡®Impossible¡¯.

Well, the single is out, and so is the music video! Directed by Patrick Filet, the video is a dark look into 360¡¯s struggles of alcohol and drug abuse, with footage of both Johns and 360, playing ¡°good¡± and ¡°evil¡± version of themselves, as they go around throwing Molotov cocktails from their cars.

The rapper, whose real name is Matt Colwel, said the song was going to be about the most difficult time of his life. ¡°When we made that song I was at the peak of my loose partying days,¡± said 360.

¡°I rocked up to the studio and I hadn¡¯t slept for three days. I was disgusting and gross. I slept in the studio for a few hours and then we made the song. I was an absolute mess. So I decided to write about that. Things have changed I¡¯m not partying now. I¡¯m sober.¡±¡¯

For Johns, this was the first time that the singer appeared in a music video since Silverchair¡¯s last single ¡®If You Keep Losing Sleep¡¯.

Since then, the band has separated, but Johns is still on the scene and will be appearing on more music videos soon, after it was announced on the Silverchair Facebook page that his solo album will be released ¡°later this year.¡±

¡°Daniel has been busy in the studio of late and we¡¯re excited to now be able to share what he¡¯s been up to with you,¡± the post said. ¡°Daniel¡¯s own album will follow later in the year¡­ so stay tuned for further details.¡±