Hip-hop megastar Jay-Z¡¯s concert documentary Made In American will be released in cinemas next year.

The movie, which is directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard, made its first appearance on US network Showtime. However, the success of the doco has encouraged Phase 4 Films to get legal rights to the movie, hence giving it a cinematic release.

The film unsurprisingly follows Jay-Z as he plans his Made In America festival, a two-day festival Philadelphia he has held annually since 2012.

The festival has been a massive success with a host of music¡¯s biggest names playing at the show. That includes a host of artists from different fields, including Queen Of The Stone Age, Wiz Khalifa and Calvin Harris.

Many of the artists feature on the film, including Harris himself, Drake, Pearl Jam, Run DMC, Passion Pit and Skrillex.

This is the latest news in a busy week for the hip-hop artist and producer. Jay-Z is being sued over a sample used on his 2009¡¯s hit song ¡®Run This Town¡®, featuring Kanye West and Rihanna.

According to TufAmerica Inc, the song features samples from Eddie Bo¡®s 1969 song ¡®Hook & Sling¡¯. We are still waiting for any official word from the Jay-Z camp.

On more positive news, the rapper has announced that he will release his own men¡¯s fragrance later this month, titled ¡®Gold Jay Z¡®. The hubbie of Beyonc¨¦ teamed up with Ilias Ermenidis of Firmenich, the world¡¯s second-largest perfume company to create the perfume.