The second lineup for Soundwave Festival 2014 has been dropped, leaving a legion of fans drooling at the prospect of moshing it hardcore.

Joining the now already flooded line up includes Panic! At The Disco, Mastodon and HIM are just a few of the names, but fans will be hoping for more when a third announcement is made.

Festival promoter and Australia¡¯s most powerful industry figure AJ Maddah tweeted that organisers ¡°will have a few internationals left over for the 3rd announcement!¡±

When asked about the third announcement, Maddah said that the bands would be ¡°mostly locals¡±, which means rumours of the King Parrot and The Bennies joining the festival could prove true.

Regarding Swedish metal group Crashdiet, and whether they will come back to the festival, following their cancellation after they lost their manager, Maddah said: ¡°at this point they either be on 3rd announcement or not!¡±

Fans can rejoice even more, with Maddah stating, ¡°about 70% of bands will do a side show. Of those most will be in Melb,¡± which means fans have to hold their breath a little longer before we can give you the details!