Pop Queen Lady Gaga has revealed that she is in the final stages of finishing her third album, ¡®ARTPOP¡®.

Gaga tweeted ¡°in the final days finishing ARTPOP,¡± and felt that ¡°like an atelier. refining seams. ironing fabrics. needling the last thread of my couture creation.¡±

The album is scheduled for release in November, and the pop singer further tweeted that ¡°it was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard, the music came on i looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense.¡±

The singer has already dropped her new single, ¡®Applause¡¯, which has made its move up the ARIA charts. It¡¯s the second time, that Lady Gaga has made the announcement regarding ¡®ARTPOP¡®, with the first coming earlier this month, where she unveiled seven new songs at her comeback gig in London.

The song list includes:
¡®Jewels & Drugs¡¯
¡®Sex Dreams¡¯
¡®I Wanna Be With You¡¯

It¡¯s not the only news regarding the singer; with collaborator DJ White Shadow saying that the Gaga¡¯s new album is ¡°really fun¡± and ¡°it¡¯s just another step on the ladder, it¡¯s another step forward. It¡¯s different, it¡¯s a different record.¡±

Shadow also said that the album would definitely inspire Gaga¡¯s next round of concerts. ¡°I am excited for her to be able to perform a bunch of new songs. Her concerts are always so fun and this music is so fun. I just know the performances are so fun. I¡¯m just looking forward to the next tour. It¡¯s going to be a cool tour.¡±