Bluejuice are back with a new single S.O.S and a host of shows across Australia, this November. The band will play across five cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Bunbury, Perth and Brisbane. Most shows will be over 18¡¯s, except for Sydney, which will be an all-ages event.

S.O.S is the Australian band¡¯s new beat, which addresses some of the biggest issues of the modern day, including douche-bagery. Last week, the band showcased their hatred with an accompanying video, which also paid homage to the classic film of the 80s, Ghostbusters.

However, instead of fighting ghosts, the trio of Jake, Stav and Jamie took down an army of douchebags ¨C which includes a handful of Australian celebrities who make cameos within the clip.

Expect the band to continue their rampage through the world of douches, with tickets for their national tour already out. Ohh and while you wait online to grab those tickets, the boys are encouraging you to find and share any douches that you come across with their hashtag #DOUCHEBUSTERS. Sounds like fun to me!

Bluejuice S.O.S Australian Tour Dates?:
Friday, 1st November (18+) ¨C The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Saturday, 2nd November (18+) ¨C The Capitol, Perth
Sunday, 3rd November (18+) ¨C Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Friday, 8th November (All Ages) ¨C Metro Theatre, Sydney
Saturday, 9th November (18+) ¨C The Hi Fi, Brisbane