Abel Tesfaye, or better known as The Weeknd has revealed that he should be on his way to Australia ¡°SOON¡±! During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, the Canadian singer and producer said that he ¡°can¡¯t wait¡± to tour Australia for the first time in his short, but damn right successful career.

Tesfaye was evasive in his answering of questions, but considering that he has to tour the US of A, his home country of Canada and England before the end of November, he won¡¯t be arriving on our shores till at least early next year.

The singer also answered some Q¡¯s about possible collaborations with Kanye, Lana Del Rey, Miguel, Kavinsky, Frank Ocean, Flying Lotus and Diplo.

Tesfaye confirmed that he has also worked with Diplo and ¡°another singer¡± on a ¡°a big record for a big album.¡± Whether that album is his ¡°big album¡± or one of his fellow collaborators, it¡¯s a sign that The Weeknd is continuing his glorious rise in the music world.

So far, The Weeknd¡¯s Ballons trilogy of mixtapes has been downloaded more than eight million times. Its success meant that Republic Records officially released it late last year. Naturally, his official debut album Kiss Land and the hit single, ¡®Live For¡¯ (which features some vocals from rapper Drake) was released just last week.

According to the Reddit interview, Tesfaye said that Kiss Land was inspired by movies, given that most musicians attribute their inspirations to legendary musicians, rather than film.

The list of films includes Scanners, Naked Lunch, The Thing, Chinatown, Enter the Void, Amadeus and Videodrome.