Stone Temple Pilots have teamed up with Linkin Park¡¯s front-man Chester Bennington for their latest EP ¡®High Rise¡¯.

The band released the track list of the album, which will be released on the 8th of October and marks the first time the band worked with Bennington.

The track list of the album includes four new songs, as well as their previous single, ¡®Out Of Time¡¯.

The tracklist is as follows:
¡®Out of Time¡¯
¡®Black Heart¡¯
¡®Same On The Inside¡¯
¡®Cry Cry¡¯

While announcing at the same time that they worked with Bennington, the band is still battling former front man Scott Weiland, who says that the band will have to ¡°buy me out of the company¡± following his dismissal. The singer was fired from the band back in February, after he decided to go on a solo tour and perform some of the band¡¯s songs, despite the band warning him not to do so.

Things got worse in May, when the band filed a lawsuit to stop Weiland using the band¡¯s name and performing their songs, saying that his dismissal was caused by addiction and tardiness.

Weiland launched a counter-suit against the Stone Temple Pilots, claiming the band have no legitimate right to fire him. Weiland though is still touring the US as the Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts Group, while Stone Temple Pilots are set to begin their own tour of the US, before going to Japan and Australia for the Soundwave Festival tour. Despite joining the band as the new lead singer, Bennington remains a member of Linkin Park.