Empire Of The Sun will release their new single, ¡®DNA¡¯ on the 24th of this month. It¡¯s the duo¡¯s second single to be taken from their latest¡¯s album ¡®Ice On The Dune¡®, which has been a success, currently sitting at number 3 on the ARIA album charts.

The video follows the Empire Of The Sun duo BMX-ing their way through deserted night time streets in search of the perfect place to set up shop, however finding themselves unleashing their tunes in the most unlikely of places.

This includes the likes of a convenience store, a sleazy motel or following tradition, in the middle of a rocky, barren desert. A remix bundle, featuring the likes of Alex Metric, Aston Shuffle and the almighty Calvin Harris will all be giving their taste on the track, which will join the release of the single.

The duo have enjoyed a wave of success following the release of ¡®Ice On The Dune¡® with Luke Steele saying it is better than Daft Punk¡¯s new album, ¡®Random Access Memories¡¯.

¡°I was aware that Daft Punk were getting more press coverage than our record, but I wasn¡¯t too concerned,¡± said Steele. ¡®Ice On The Dune¡¯ is filled with such great songs that it¡¯ll hang around a lot longer than some of those other records that came out around the same time. They had a great marketing campaign, but we¡¯ve got better songs.¡± Steele also mentioned that the duo is working on their third album, with Nick Littlemore working hard. ¡°Nick¡¯s doing a lot of work for the next record in the studio while I tour this one. The idea is to combine the two, so that the next record is a bit quicker,¡± said Steele.

¡°The next album will be a prequel. It¡¯s all about when you¡¯re a kid and you¡¯re discovering girls, sherbet, surfing, and getting drunk. It¡¯s those first magical adventures you take.¡±