Fans will rejoice with the news that Eminem is scheduled to visit Australia in 2014. The rapper, who is releasing his latest album MMLP2 (The Marshall Mathers LP 2) this November is apparently on his way Down Under with shows to take place across the country, including the Etihad Stadium in Docklands.

No dates for the concerts have been confirmed, but the word going around is that it will be around February to March next year. The rumor comes from music guru Nui Te Koha, who says that promoter Paul Dainty will announce the tour very soon.

If the rapper does return to Australia, it will be first time since 2011 when he toured the country. The 2011 shows were a massive hit with fans, as well as with the censorship authorities who were concerned with Eminem¡¯s lyrical content.

But the rapper has changed from the chainsaw wielding, peroxide blonde to a levelheaded father figure. However that doesn¡¯t mean he¡¯s created any less classic beats with his last album ¡®Recovery¡¯ being a massive hit.

Eminem¡¯s latest track Berzerk from the MMLP2 album was made public last week, by premiering on Sirius/XFM radio station Shade 45, but also almost bringing down the internet in a flurry of downloads. Hours later, Eminem himself had to post the full studio version on his own personal website.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 will be released internationally on 5th November, however details for his Australian tour will be out before that, so stay tuned!