Charli XCX has confirmed that she hopes to make a major impact in Britney Spears¡®s new album. The artist who wrote Icona Pop¡¯s smash hit, ¡®I Love It¡¯, as well as releasing her own smash album, ¡®True Romance¡® earlier this year confirmed that she has written and submitted a new song for Spears¡¯ latest venture.

Charli XCX said in an interview with Digital Spy that she was ¡°freaking out¡± and ¡°nervous¡± about the writing session, because she didn¡¯t want to stuff up.

¡°I¡¯ve been doing some writing for the Britney record. I was freaking out. I didn¡¯t even want to go to the session. I was so worried I would fuck it up,¡± said the 21 year old, whose real name is Charlotte Aitchison.

¡°I was doing some stuff for that yesterday actually. Who knows how it will go. We¡¯ve written one song and it¡¯s a great track and if she likes it then amazing. It was just an honor to be asked.¡±

At the same time, Charli dropped hints that she was working on her second album, following her first music video. ¡°I just shot the video for the first single. That¡¯s going to be available in the beginning of October, and the video should be out in the next couple of weeks.¡±

¡°I¡¯ve been back in Sweden, and I¡¯m hopefully going to Paris to record the second record. It¡¯s going to be very influenced by French Y¨¦-y¨¦ pop, and bands like Bow Wow Wow, The Waitresses, really live and raw.¡±

In regards to Spears, her eighth studio album in her career will include the likes of 2011¡¯s ¡®Femme Fatale¡® with collaborations with artists such as Blood Orange, William Orbit, Sia and with the album being produced by Naughty Boy.

Spears has already begun promotion for the album with her official website displaying a mysterious countdown, with the only words being ¡°ALL EYES ON ME¡°. Currently, there are 21 days remaining on the countdown.