For months fans have wondered, and it has finally been confirmed: Arcade Fire are behind the ¡®Reflektor¡® advertising campaign that¡¯s plagued cities across the globe.

The campaign gained a lot of trek in the media when it appeared in cities all around the world and leading to speculation that it was promotional tool for the band¡¯s new album. The band has since confirmed that they will release their new album on the 29th of October, with fans believing that it will be called ¡®Reflektor¡¯.

The Canadian born group also announced their first live dates for 2014, which includes trips to Australia¡¯s Big Day Out Festival, where they will perform alongside the likes of Pearl Jam, Major Lazer and Snoop Dogg. They will visit Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth in their tour run, as well as head to New Zealand to continue the Big Day Out festivities.

At the same time, Arcade Fire had invited former LCD Soundsystem James Murphy to help with the production. Least to say, Murphy was impressed.

¡°There¡¯s a whole complement of people in that band who could have their own bands, or are a successful solo artist. They¡¯re all so phenomenally talented and full of ideas so songs keep on coming,¡± said Murphy.

¡°The last time I dared think it was finished I came back to the studio three days later to mix and they¡¯d written two new songs for the album! ¡°So it was like, uh, ¡®Let¡¯s record these too!¡¯ But it sounds awesome. Really.¡±