Banyule Council, in partnership with Studio F (Banyule¡¯s FReeZA Committee) will be hosting the fourth consecutive Macleod Youth Festival on Sunday 15th September. The fully supervised drug, alcohol and smoke-free event will again be held at Macleod Park. The festival is organized and run by a number of young people from Banyule and includes live music, rides, stalls, a photo booth, food, prizes and more ¨C all for free!

In response to an overwhelming number of quality acts applying to play, we have added a fourth stage! There has never been more music at

YouthFest ¨C The Details:

¨C 4 stages of live music showcasing 29 bands and DJs.
¨C Free rides and amusements including the Music Trip Ride (big, fun, scary!)
¨C Craft, Activities and Information Stalls
¨C Free Photobooth
¨C Photo Exhibition and Art installations
¨C Hands on Street Art Session
¨C WestSide Circus performance, workshops and roving performers
¨C Open House Knock Off Game
¨C Scouts Rally Car
¨C Free Fairy Floss
¨C Loads of food and drink options.
¨C Heaps more!

Bands, Duos and Solo Artists:
Way With Words, Event Horizon, Cardinals, Little League, Way With Words, Scott Boyd, Swim Through Seasons, Body Filler, Kid Sidney, Discovery Of A Fox, Young Ambition, 23AOA, The Sinister Kids, Apex, Road Train, Take Two, Brittany Leo, Emma and Ethan, Monday Night Rockstars, E.C.F.A., Taylor & The Paper Heart, Nathan Gunn, Josh Forner.


Subliminal, Insomnia DJs , J.C., Ispite DJs, Apocalypse, Jon Hanna.