Pop sensation Katy Perry has released a video teaser for her new single ¡®Roar¡¯! The single is the latest track from her new album Prism, which is scheduled for release on the 22nd of October. ¡®Roar¡¯ is the leading track for the new album and will make it on to the airwaves from the 22nd of August.

The video clip gives fans a little taste of what is to come. In the video, Perry steps out of the darkness with a lighter and sets fire to the infamous blue wig that she worn for her ¡®California Dream¡® world tour. The action is loaded with symbolism with people suggesting that Perry is breaking away from the girly pop image into something a bit more serious.

Which means Prism could be something a little different if we are to believe Perry. The announcement of the new album was made public when a giant gold truck with the words ¡°Katy Perry ¨C Prism ¨C 10-22-13¡± sprayed across it was caught driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

Prism will be Perry¡¯s fourth major studio album and her first since 2010¡¯s smashing global hit, Teenage Dream, which included the popular singles, ¡®California Gurls¡®, ¡®Firework¡®, ¡®Last Friday Night¡® and of course, ¡®Teenage Dream¡¯.