British sensation Birdy¡¯s second album, Fire Within is rumored for release on the 23rd of September. She announced the new title for her second album in a YouTube video in early July. During the clip, footage of Birdy playing two songs from the album, ¡®Wings¡¯ and ¡®No Angel¡¯ was shown to entice fans.

The album will be Birdy¡¯s first in two years, since 2011¡¯s self-titled album ¡®Birdy¡¯. Her debut album was a smashing hit, selling more than 420,000 copies and reaching platinum six times. The album included two Bon Iver covers, ¡®Skinny Love¡® and ¡®People Help The People¡®, as well as the classics ¡®Shelter¡¯ and ¡®1901¡¯.

During her break Birdy worked as one of the artists on The Hunger Games soundtrack with the song ¡®Just A Game¡¯, while also working alongside Mumford & Sons¡¯ song ¡®Learn Me Right¡¯ for the hit Pixar film Brave, which she received a Grammy nomination. Big things on the horizon for this young starlet.