Fast and The Furious star, Vin Diesel has dropped a hint that he could be making an appearance in ¡°The Avengers 2¡±.

Diesel revealed on his Facebook account saying: ¡°Marvel has requested a meeting¡­ no idea what for¡­ haha, you probably know better than me¡­¡±.

After the meeting Diesel updated fans on the goings-on behind the closed doors.

¡°Marvel meeting today,¡± he wrote. ¡°Only the people in the room can tell you what was discussed¡­P.S. Thanks to our page, for pushing to make it happen¡­ you know I get tunnel vision with my work¡­ and after that meeting today¡­ wow!¡±

The actor who played Dominic Toretto in five Fast and the Furious films was then photographed next to a vintage The Avengers comic book cover.

Rumors of him starring in the sequel to the 2012 box office hit came last year when Diesel was linked to the role of Vision, a solar powered android with superhuman powers, after he posted a picture of the character.

Writer and director Joss Whedon is currently writing up the script for the sequel, with shooting set to begin in March 2014. Marvel Studios has said that the sequel will feature ¡°favorites from the first Avengers film and new Marvel characters never before seen on the big screen¡±.

The studio will continue its cinematic universe with several projects coming out over the next two years, including Thor: Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Meanwhile, Diesel is set to begin filming Fast & Furious 7 in August with British action hero, Jason Statham casted as the main villain for the latest in the car-screeching saga. The film is set for release on July 11, 2014.