Timomatic has never been the one to be shy of the limelight. So it comes to no surprise that the singer went all out in his latest track ¨C piloting an airplane.

That¡¯s right. The track, which is poetically titled, ¡®Parachutes¡¯, features Timo and his girl jumping sky-high with some acrobatics, as well as some close and touching moments to get the heart racing.

There is of course, the standard Timomatic video formula, which features a host of scintillating dance routines with a plethora of dancers, in and around an airplane hanger. And to top it all off, there is a parachute.

Timo has surprised many with his videos, but this one seriously takes the cake. Here¡¯s to wondering what he¡¯s going to do next¡­