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Taylor Swift Meet And Greet Competition Hijacked So “Fat Old Guy” Wins

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A competition to get a photo taken with Taylor Swift backstage has been cancelled because the competition was hijacked and rigged so that a “fat old guy” would win the prize.

The ‘Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Contest‘, was being run by USA’s Kiss 108 FM, but was hijacked when an anonymous 4chan user appealed to the online community to select his friend Charles Z as the winner.

“This is Taylor Swift. She’s f***ing hot, you know it. A local radio station has a contest to give some lucky teeny bopper a chance to meet her…”

“My creepy 39-year-old friend named Charles would like to crush all those girls’ dreams (and then sniff Taylor Swift‘s hair cos he’s into that) by winning this instead,” Said the anonymous 4chan user.

“Help him crush the dreams of these girls and give him a chance to make a complete ass of himself by blatantly just sniffing her hair with the cameras rolling.”

Within hours, Charles shot up the leader board, despite rumours of him not being a real person at all. Yet he did manage comments on his profile page, explaining his excitement for the prize.

“I’m a 39-year-old man and I love Taylor so much and don’t care that both adults and children mock me for it.”

However, despite Charles’s ascendency to the top of the charts, it was reported that spammers ensured that the 39 year old would win the competition, by rigging the vote.

The radio station caught wind of the proposed set-up and decided to terminate the competition because it was compromised.

“Disappointingly, we have determined that the integrity of the ‘Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan‘ contest has been compromised. In accordance with our contest rules, effective immediately, the contest has been terminated. We apologies to all of our loyal listeners who have participated.”

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time that trolls have used Swift as prank bait. Last year, there was a similar competition where a school had the opportunity to witness Swift perform for them. 4chan trolls got wind of it, and hijacked the competition so that it was won by the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, one of the oldest schools of its kind in the US. The competition was cancelled because of the rigged votes, but Swift was quick to donate $50,000 to the school a month later.

On a more positive and exciting note, you can find the full information on Taylor Swift’s Australian Tour Here: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth.


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