There¡¯s still two more days to go before Big Day Out officially announces it¡¯s ¡°line-up to end all line-ups¡± for its 2014 festival run.

But that hasn¡¯t stopped Triple M¡¯s gossip overlord Nui Te Koha giving us his crystal-ball prophecy that Pearl Jam are also dead certain to be headlining next year¡¯s tour.

Talking to Triple M radio, the music reporter said he couldn¡¯t be sure about the two other bands that he rumoured would come down, but stressed that Eddie Vedder and his group were locked in.

¡°Blur, we¡¯ve rumoured them, and The Cure, we¡¯ve rumoured them. I¡¯m going to keep those at rumours, but Pearl Jam is good enough¡±

¡°There¡¯s lots of talk on the Internet going around about it and I¡¯m gonna lock it in ¨C Pearl Jam.¡±

Te Koha did rumour that Pearl Jam was set to come back down to Australia for a tour later this year or early 2014. It would fit perfectly with the timing of Big Day Out, and increase their brand (not that it needs more to be honest), but would certainly raise the profile.

Te Koha said earlier this month: ¡°Pearl Jam is back on the tour radar for early next year. There are several promoters trying to lure them down here. I dare say they will be very successful. Pearl Jam love it down here.¡±

Pearl Jam is planning to release their forthcoming 10th studio album Lightening Bolt after releasing their new single, ¡®Mind Your Manners¡¯.

The Big Day Out line-up will be made public on Wednesday, the 31st of July around 8pm AEST, live on the net and Triple M.