There are words floating around that Kylie Minogue is set to team up with none other than Jay-Z for her latest upcoming album. A close source of Kylie¡¯s says that Jay-Z is on his way to the studio and ready to smash up a record with Australia¡¯s Queen of Pop.

The source said: ¡°Jay is a big fan of Kylie¡¯s, he¡¯s always liked her music. The music she¡¯s making with Pharrell is sounding great and he¡¯s been talking about it non-stop. They like the idea of bringing a rap edge to her style.¡±

This comes off the back of Kylie agreeing to sign up with Roc Nation and releasing her first single of the agreement, on the week of her 45th birthday, back in May.

The single, Skirt, was co-written by none other than The Dream Team of Beyonc¨¦ and Mary J. Blige, and was produced by Nom De Strip.

De Strip
has already talked up the likes of Skirt, by tweeting: ¡°Almost 1/3 of my 3 years worth of soundcloud plays have come in the last 10 hours haha #Skirt¡±.

It has been confirmed that Skirt will be on Kylie¡¯s latest album, which could feature a plethora of music class, with Pharrell Williams and Sia set to join in production and possibly provide new material.

The inclusion of a host of talent sees a change in the likes of Kylie, known for her pop songs, and could see a more rap-oriented and Beyonc¨¦-like style to Australian pop star¡¯s list of musical acts.

Collaborating with mega-stars is nothing new for Kylie, who teamed up with British bad boy, Robbie Williams for the ARIA smashing ¡®Kids¡¯. But something about teaming up with the God of Rap could spell a difference sort of fame.

There has been no confirmation of a release date (or name) of Kylie¡¯s next album, but it promises to be huge.