Despite his death, it still seems that Michael Jackson is making albums and the royalties that come with it. The Jackson estate will release two new compilation albums via iTunes and will feature as many as 270 tracks.

The new compilation albums, which will include full albums, demos, extras and live performances, will be available through two different packages.

The first one is called the ¡®The Indispensable Collection¡®, which will cost around $69.99 and features all of Jackson¡¯s biggest hits and solo albums, including ¡®Wall¡®, ¡®Thriller¡®, ¡®Bad¡®, ¡®Dangerous¡®, ¡®HIStory ¨C Past, Present and Future Book 1¡®, the ¡®Blood on the Dancefloor¡® remix compilation and ¡®Invincible¡® and the 16-track 1988 ¡®Live at Wembley¡® collection.

The second package, titled ¡®The Ultimate Fan Extras Collection¡® is more expensive at $79.99, but features a whopping 162 tracks. The package includes the Immortal soundtrack album, as well as live performances with The Jacksons.

It also features all of Jackson¡¯s reissued songs, plus rarities and alternate versions of songs, such as French and Spanish versions of ¡®I Just Can¡¯t Stop Loving You¡®, five different versions of ¡®Black Or White¡®, ¡®Remember The Time¡® and ¡®One More Chance¡® as well as a Afrojack remix of ¡®Bad¡¯.