Pop-superstar and teenage heartthrob, Justin Bieber will be coming Down Under with his Believe Tour this summer!

The teenager, who has collected a host of awards for his efforts, including two Artist Of The Year awards at American Music Awards and a Grammy Award nominations will be bringing his jam-packed tour to Australia, after cruising across the planet with more than 150 concert performances.

The Canadian-born star, who rose to stardom with his collection of cover-songs across YouTube, earned him a chance for a shot at the big time. Bieber took the chance of lifetime and has rose to become one of the biggest attractions in the music world today.

The latest count of success for the Michael Jackson-inspired youngster includes: three studio albums, which has lead to 15 million albums sold worldwide; 10,000,000 views on his YouTube channel, as well as 3.3 billion VEVO video views; 40 million Twitter followers and a box office smash feature-length film.

He isn¡¯t some one-trick pony. His shows have received critical acclaim wherever he has toured. The production, which is lead by Step Up franchise director, Jon M. Chu has ensured that fans will ¡®believe in magic again¡¯ after attending one of Bieber¡¯s dazzling shows.

Featuring over a dozen dancers, feature-film segments, as well as, yep you guessed it, wind machines, cranes, runways, and the excessive use of lights, sounds and pyrotechnic, Chu promised that the Believe tour has topped Bieber¡¯s previous My World tour.

¡°The show starts before the show even starts. We had a cinematic score composed for when people take their seats, and there are other (pre-show) elements I can¡¯t talk about,¡±

¡°When people walk in, we want them to feel like they¡¯re about to take a ride at Disneyland. They will let go of their everyday cares.¡±

Chu is right in every way. The show has been a huge success. The Liverpool Echo, called it ¡°nothing if not spectacular¡± and didn¡¯t expect anything less in Bieber, as he ¡°rose on a podium to a new high and that looks like that is just where he is going to stay ¨C at the top.¡±

While the Hollywood Reporter said that Bieber turned the L.A ¡°arena into a virtual spaceship from another planet¡± and said the image of hundreds of thousands of shrieking fans, many donning homemade T-shirts, singing, crying, dancing and, yes, wearing out their vocal cords with screams¡± was unbelievable in every way.

Justin Bieber Australian Tour Dates:
Nov 24, 2013 ¨C Vector Arena, Auckland ¨C All Ages
Nov 27, 2013 ¨C Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane ¨C All Ages
Nov 29, 2013 ¨C Allphones Arena, Sydney NSW ¨C All Ages
Nov 30, 2013 ¨C Allphones Arena, Sydney NSW ¨C All Ages
Dec 02, 2013 ¨C Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne ¨C All Ages
Dec 03, 2013 ¨C Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne ¨C All Ages
Dec 05, 2013 ¨C Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide ¨C All Ages
Dec 08, 2013 ¨C Perth Arena, Perth ¨C All Ages