Singer songwriter Charli XCX says she has no regrets about giving away the hit song, ¡®I Love It¡® to Swedish duo Icona Pop.

Charli XCX, co-wrote the song with producer Patrik Berger, said she came up with the song when she was making her latest album, but has no bad memories handing it over. ¡°I don¡¯t regret giving it away. [Icona Pop are] totally owning it. I sang it with them at South By Southwest, though, and it was this real girl power moment.¡±

Charli XCX wrote the lyrics and created the beat in around 30 minutes, but believes Icona Pop version is ¡°less cute¡± than the original, but admits they smash it.

¡°The original was more cute, in a way. Charli¡¯s vocal was really cool and cocky, but we wanted the track to sound more Icona Pop so we took it to another producer called Style Of Eye. He made it exactly how we wanted it to sound.¡±

The song is currently Number One on the UK Singles Chart, ahead of ¡®Blurred Lines¡® by Robin Thicke featuring TI and Pharrell and Will.I.Am¡®s ¡®Bang Bang¡®.