While still somewhat shrouded in mystery, Queens Of The Stone Age have possibly announced that they will be headlining their own shows in 2014.

Josh Homme told triple j¡¯s Tom and Alex that: ¡°Everybody who knows me knows that Australia is my home away from home. I also think it¡¯s time that we come and tell our own stories, so we¡¯re gonna skip the round of festivals and see you in your fall.¡±

As Homme mentioned it would be ¡°our fall¡± meaning that it would be at least another year for the QOTSA make their way Down Under for their own concert shows.

During the interview, Homme explained the creative process behind the band¡¯s latest album, ¡­Like Clockwork and the release of the album¡¯s first single, My God is The Sun. Homme stressed that it wasn¡¯t his decision to release the single, but rather a group decision.

¡°The fact of the matter is that we don¡¯t really care what the single is¡­ I¡¯m proud of ¡®em all and I¡¯m gonna play ¡®em all,¡±

¡°I want to make videos and art and focus on anything that¡¯s cool instead of going, ¡®Oh, this is a single! Let¡¯s ram this down somebody¡¯s throat!¡¯ I just want to make art and have fun doing it.¡± The album was released on the 31st of May and is in stores and available for online purchase now!