Jared Followill has claimed that Kings of Leon¡¯s new album is different compared to previous works, citing that¡¯s its ¡°much more musically complicated¡±.

Followill revealed the information on the upcoming album, following a Q+A with fans on Twitter.

When asked by a fan if the music will resemble the band¡¯s old stuff, Followill was quick to reply:
¡°Not really. There are definitely elements of it. Songs, Not as a whole though. It¡¯s a culmination of all of them.¡±??

When pressed again about the changes, Followill said: ¡°Vibe/feeling could be compared to the first couple. It¡¯s much more musically complicated though, so I¡¯d have to say the last 2.¡±

Kings Of Leon recently played their new song, ¡®It Don¡¯t Matter¡¯, for the first time at the Bottle Rock Music & Arts Festival in Napa Valley California. It was the first track that fans heard, which will be released in the forthcoming album.

Followill did say that the band¡¯s new stuff should be released around September this year, however thats not before a string of performances in the middle of the year.