Unlike the previous films, there is no hangover in the final and third film of this cooked trilogy.

And that¡¯s why the film is an absolute mess. Maybe the writer/director Todd Phillips needed a hangover ¨C any kind of party-related shenanigans to actually kick-start this film.

Maybe because the Part II was a carbon copy of the original, that Phillips decided to steer away at the original concept and give us something new and exciting. After seeing Part III, perhaps Phillips should have stayed with the original idea.

This time around, the Wolfpack of Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Phil (Bradley Cooper) are thrown into gutter, when kidnapped by Marshall (John Goodman), an extremely pissed-off gangster who wants the trio to bring back, none other than Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), for stealing a couple of million.

In return, Marshall will not harm a hair on the head of Doug (Justin Bartha); the same Doug that got lost in the first trip in Vegas and avoided the partying ways in Thailand the second time around. Unfortunately this time, he¡¯s been brought into play.

And here the film goes, as the trio, hunt through Tijuana, Mexico before finding themselves back in Vegas. And there, they meet up with a plethora of character seen before, including stripper Jade (Heather Graham) and Black Doug (Mike Epps) just to eat up and some time, and bring some engaging memories of the Part I.

Of course, as the plot outlines, there is no hangover. It¡¯s essentially a caper movie and it¡¯s not funny. The actors looked bored out of their minds. Cooper is clearly aiming for better films, Helms has nothing better to do and even Galifianakis looks tired for playing Alan again.

And the biggest gripe goes of course to Mr Chow. His overacting and overbearing ways of expressing himself ¨C both through his words and actions ¨C were enough for one film. Two was pushing the limits, but for him to return to the third film ¨C and worse, to be actual centre point of the film, ruined the prospect finishing the trilogy on a neat level.

The lack of effort in both writing and actors, signals a lack of drive in the film and there the boredom lies and the film suffers for it. It¡¯s a dull mess and it lacks the subtle gags of the original. I think everyone is hung-over from this mess.