One of the most popular games series, The Elder Scrolls will be moved to the online gaming community ¨C similar to the groundbreaking World of Warcraft series.

Creative Director Paul Sage told GamesFIX that the popular series will be released on Windows PC and Mac because of its power suits the model.

¡°We started making lists about what we liked about MMOs and what we liked about Elder Scrolls games and where those things paired up. They¡¯re not as dissimilar as you might think.¡±

The Elder Scrolls Online
will follow the universe created by World of Warcraft where single-players involve themselves in a rich world where they can interact with other players or have their own quest.

Players will be able to fight beasts, such as werewolves, save kingdoms, or destroy them, as well as fight officers of the law. While there will be a certain single mission which everyone is expected to complete, players can team up with others or set out in their journey with other side missions.

For now, The Elder Scrolls Online, will be strictly for computers, but Sage did say that they will be looking to incorporate Xbox controllers in game play.

¡°We have discussed it,¡± said Sage. ¡°It¡¯s one of those things that would be on the table for the future.¡±