He¡¯s had mammoth hit after mammoth hit, but Scottish DJ sensation, Calvin Harris has warned that his new material ¡°probably won¡¯t get into the charts¡±.

Harris, who¡¯s album, ¡®18 Months¡® has eight Top 10 singles, including ¡®We Found Love¡® featuring Rihanna and ¡®Sweet Nothing¡®, his collaboration with Florence Welch, just to name a few, has led the DJ to be crowned the Songwriter Of The Year at this year¡¯s Ivor Novellos awards.

However, following the victory, Harris told Music Week, that his new dance stuff wouldn¡¯t make it to charts.

¡°I¡¯m doing more dance music that probably won¡¯t get into the charts. I was in the studio yesterday,¡± said Harris.

¡°I just want to make good music; this award is like drawing a line under the past two years where I¡¯ve just been intensely fucking working to try and make singles and hit records.¡±

This comes after Harris claimed making pop music was actually easier than ¡®making a ham sandwich¡¯, citing that the process of making the music was quite simplistic.

¡°It¡¯s incredibly easy to do, but hard to do perfectly. I¡¯d struggle to make a perfect ham sandwich because I never make them, whereas pop music comes naturally to me ¨C it¡¯s what I do every day¡± said Harris.

¡®18 Months¡® is the DJ¡¯s third studio album following, Ready For the Weekend, and I Created Disco.

The album features the hits, ¡®I Need Your Love¡¯ with Ellie Goulding, ¡®Drinking From The Bottle¡¯ with Tinie Tempah, ¡®We¡¯ll Be Coming Back¡¯ with Example, ¡®Let¡¯s Go¡¯ with Neyo, ¡®Bounce¡¯ with Kelis, and the original Harris hit, ¡®Feel So Close¡¯