It¡¯s still a year away, but the rate that time flies, it will be upon us before you know it! That¡¯s right, get a sick day, and tell your boss you¡¯re running away for the week, because Soundwave Festival has announced their 2014 dates!

The decision was made public from the Twitter account of promoter, AJ Maddah, when a fan tweeted him asking when the 2014 shows will be on.

Maddah responded by saying that ¡°We start Sat Feb 22. Dates will follow same pattern as this year.¡±

Which means, that the popular music festival will kick off in the Brisbane on the 22nd of Feb next year, before making their to Sydney, then Melbourne, Adelaide and finally finishing up in Perth on the 3rd of March.

This is of course, what we are assuming is going to happen; based on the information provided to us. Things might change, but that doesn¡¯t mean we shouldn¡¯t get super-pumped and excited from now.

Yet that hasn¡¯t stopped bands from building up rumours of their potentially return to Australian shores (with a number ranging around 60 bands according to Maddah).

However Maddah has made it clear that it won¡¯t top the number of this year¡¯s festival, citing less clashes of acts ¨C clearing the way for fans to enjoy as many acts as they can.

And of course the decision to incorporate the ¡°Japan Stage¡± ¨C which will feature Japanese music acts.

Some of the bands mentioned include Shinedown, Crashdiet, Godsmack, Volbeat and Maximum The Hormone, who have announced they will be attending.

Those likely to join them, include rock gods, Nine Inch Nails, Alice In Chains, Sevendust and HIM.

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