Who isn¡¯t hooked onto Homeland yet? The spy drama is one of the most watched and acclaimed TV series on the market at the moment (right next to Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad)

But after last season¡¯s dramatic finale, which saw a host characters killed, there were rumour regarding the casting of the show¡¯s main antagonist-turned-protagonist Nick Brody (played by Emmy and Golden Globe winning Damian Lewis) return to the screen.

Well, all is safe with Homeland¡¯s network Showtime releasing their official plot outline for the third season.

The synopsis details that: ¡°Homeland season three opens during the aftermath of the horrific terror attack that decimated the US intelligence apparatus, and prompted a global manhunt for the world¡¯s most wanted terrorist ¨C Nick Brody (Damian Lewis).

¡°As Carrie (Claire Danes) and Saul (Mandy Patinkin) begin to pick up the pieces of their shattered professional and personal lives, they are swept up in the political and media firestorm surrounding the terror attack and the subsequent search for Brody¡¯s whereabouts.¡±

It¡¯s safe to say that Claire Danes is back as the mentally unstable officer, Carrie Mathison, who fell in love with Lewis¡¯ character since the show began in 2011.

The third season is set to premiere on September 29th with 12 episodes to be scheduled.