Back to Future part two really raised a lot of expectations for us. Mainly, that by this time, we would have flying cars. That dream might actually become a reality very soon.

Massachusetts company, Terrafugia has unveiled that they are working on a full-on flying car, titled the TF-X, which they believe will be available for sale in around the early 2020¡¯s.

It¡¯s been deemed as a crossover of the Google self-driving car, a helicopter and a plane. Just like a chopper, the car takes off vertically, thanks to electric-powered rotor blades mounted on each side, and its ready to drive.

Once the car is in mid-air, the rotor blades drop and a rear-mounted gas engine takes over the car and is ready for flying.

There have been touted rumours that the car will have an autopilot feature ready for it, but it will be simple for the driver, says the company.

¡°Learning how to safely operate a TF-X vehicle should take an average driver no more than five hours.¡± said a spokesperson.

However, what about if something goes wrong? Well, Terrafugia have installed parachutes just in case that ¡®something¡¯ becomes a reality.

Of course, how much will the flying car cost? Curretly the car is estimated to cost $270,000, but Terrafugia have yet to make anything official just yet.

¡°With investment in automotive scale production, early studies indicate that it is possible that the final price point could be on-par with very high-end luxury cars.¡±

Finally, after all this time, the Back to Future dream might actually come true.