Oscar winner Natalie Portman is all set to play Lady Macbeth in the new big screen adaptation of the William Shakespeare¡®s popular theatre play¡¯s Macbeth.

British heartthrob, Michael Fassbender, who is set to play the chief character in the movie, will join Portman. It is the second time the two stars will work together following a new Terrence Malick movie set in the Austin, Texas.

The film will stay true to Shakespeare¡¯s original language and will take onboard a visceral approach on the story about the rise and fall of a ambitious Scotsman nobleman.

Producers of the Oscar winning The King¡¯s Speech are the team behind the production, and have apparently selected Australian director Justin Kurzel, who directed the critically acclaimed and horrifying Snowtown, to lead the shooting.

Both Portman and Fassbender will star in superhero movies this year, with Portman reprising her role as Jane in Thor: The Dark World, (out November 8) with Fassbender set to become Magneto in another X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Futures Past, which is set to be released middle of next year.