Kanye West seems to be a busy man of late. He¡¯s dating Kim, he¡¯s got a kid on the way and now it looks like a brand new album too.

The famous hip-hop singer posted a curious tweet the other day, saying ¡°June Eighteen¡±. What this means could be anyone¡¯s guess, but fans are optimistic that the rapper is back with another album.

It comes after reports that Hot 97 revealed that Kanye¡¯s label Def Jam threw an event to listen to the latest tracks with DJ Paul Rosenberg saying that ¡°Everyone at the label that listened to the album loved it. I¡¯ve heard it¡¯s dark, but really good.¡± ?

This surely means that Kanye has finished recording his newest tracks and album following up from the popular and very dark, ¡®My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy¡®, which was released in 2010.

West did announce that he would be releasing new music during a show at Z¨¦nith in Paris late in March. The rapper went on to say that ¡°I wanna tell y¡¯all that I¡¯m working on some new shit¡± and that the new beats would be out for everyone ¡°in a couple of months¡±

It has also come to light that Daft Punk have been working with West on some tracks after they told Rolling Stone that they have made two songs with the rapper.

The duo said that the track would be different, as West was ¡°screaming¡± throughout the tracks ¨C highlighting that in fact, this is going to be a darker album. Regardless, if it¡¯s anything like their last collaboration, Stronger, it surely will be one of the biggest hits of the year.