Dizzie¡¯s worked with some of the world¡¯s biggest stars: Calvin Harris and Shakira to name a few. Well, the rapper has decided to join forces with British pop star Robbie Williams on their latest single ¡®Goin¡¯ Crazy ¡¯.

The single is set to be part of Rascal¡¯s fifth album; duly titled ¡®The Fifth¡¯ and is set for release sometime in the middle of the year.

¡®Goin¡¯ Crazy¡¯ is the second single from the album, following the release of ¡®H-Town¡¯, which featured rappers Bun-B and Trae The Truth.

¡°The collaboration for this song started with Bun, I came to Houston and had a good time and it stuck with me, I was doing a mixtape at the time and I ended up writing about it and recorded it, I sent it to Bun and he got on it straight away. When I came to Atlanta to record the album I saw Trae in the studio and we decided to do the video.¡±

This isn¡¯t just the only collaboration Dizzie has been up to; he is set to the support rock band, Muse at their forthcoming tours this summer.

Their first show will be in Coventry, at the Ricoh Arena on the May 22nd, before two more shows in London, at Emirates Stadium (the home ground of the popular Arsenal football club) on May 25th and 26th.